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Bathroom Conversion.

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

So for this week's post we are giving you an insight into a smaller project we have been busy working on. Which was the conversion of an elderly customers bathroom.

As they have mobility issues they had requested to change it to a simple walk in shower/wet room.

We have used the heavy duty wet room safety flooring 'Polysafe Quattro'. This type of flooring is specifically designed to provide a high degree of slip resistance, whether wearing footwear or being barefoot in continually wet areas where shampoo or shower gels are present. It also offers an underfoot comfort whilst maintaining a high level of performance and safety.

Very important for someone who has issues with their mobility.

It comes in twelve subtle colours, so our customer chose the aqueous 'Sea Mist'.

Simple yet effective paired with the white tiles!

We then installed the 'Mira Advance Flex Extra' electric shower. With the customer always in mind, it is safe, reliable and long lasting.

The main features of this shower is the temperature control. It is factory set to a safe maximum temperature which you can adjust to four different max setting 41°C to 48°C.

It is also audio enhanced, so when the unit is turning on/off and when it has reached the desired temperature, it alerts you with a clear audio beep.

Its large easy press buttons and loop handle makes it easier to use even with limited finger dexterity.

Overall, our customer was really pleased with the outcome.

If you or someone you know is in need of something like this, then get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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